The background story of Victor Mbi, his plane malfunctioned while coming down from so high up the earth, the crash wasn’t a normal crash as he stumbled through a portal that enabled him to see things as they actually are, he found a world in the skies, with winged men and an entire floating civilization. He crash landed on the earth and got into a three month’s comma. From everything that had happened, he spoke about what he saw while he was in the hospital but everyone said he was crazy or maybe due to the trauma his mind showed him that, that it wasn’t real . After being discharged he got to finally see the sky again and realized that he still saw the world above but there was no way to get there. No one else saw this world so no one else believed him. He promises himself that he must prove he isn’t crazy and that he must go there. He finally is able to go there and becomes one of them but doesn’t expose their secrets anymore. But he is given the permission to live his life and help his own kind of people who do not know of the existence of that floating world.

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